Tour Launched - Around the Globe in 8 Days The Village Life: Winter Blessings Chanukah Virtual Tour 

Celebrate the Holidays with  
Izzy Abrahmson’s Winter Blessings Chanukah Virtual Tour
November 28-December 5

Izzy Abrahmson tells heartwarming family-friendly stories for adults from his award-winning book, Winter Blessings.

"The Village is snuggled in an indeterminate past that never was but certainly should have been, a past filled with love, humor, adventures and more than occasional misadventures. And when you go, be sure to bring the kids." 
– The Times of Israel

Winters are crazy in The Village. Winds blow icy, food gets scarce, and darkness comes too soon. But warm lights from holiday candles will always lift the heart. The Storytellers Channel, Inc, in association with Mark Binder present Izzy Abrahmson’s The Village Life: Winter Blessings Chanukah Virtual Tour. 

Tickets on sale now: https://village-life-winter-blessings.eventbrite.com

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Enjoy The Village Life

In the middle of the Black Forest, somewhere between Russia and Poland (and occasionally Germany) is a small village…

Visit a magical past for a break from the stress of today.

Izzy Abrahmson’s THE VILLAGE LIFE is a rich tapestry of stories with characters who will transport you to a magical place. 

  • Audiobook and books to savor, read and listen to again! 
  • Live (and virtual) performances that connect people of all ages and backgrounds
  • A podcast for adults and suitable for children

As Mrs. Chaipul says, “It’s like rye bread. You don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy The Village Life.”

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Finalist – National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature

"the sto­ries are light in tone"
—Jewish Book Council

"Laughing out loud humor… very poignant and sweet" 
—Jewish Herald Voice, Houston

"a good story very well told"
Jewish Independent, Canada 

"Schlemiels in cyberspace… old-fashioned storytelling in a newfangled way"
—The Providence Journal 

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